About Us

Lesley Iwinski, MD


Retired family physician and mother of three, Lesley spends much of her time passionately sharing her faith through her love for parents, families, and children.

In 1994 she participated in the "Redirecting Children's Behavior" Course and has been inspired to share the positive principles she learned about with others by becoming an instructor in 2004. She has remained a committed student and loves learning.

Lesley lives with her husband of 33 years, her wonderful mother-in-law and a dog named Blue. Her daughters are married and her son is still in college.

She enjoys time with friends and family, reading, exercise, the outdoors, knitting and writing. 

Schuy Roop


Schuy Roop began her career in education in North Carolina, teaching children how to ride horses, never imagining it would lead to a lifelong career in Montessori education.    

In 1999, she received her Montessori Early Childhood Credential from the American Montessori Society. Schuy continued to serve at Providence Montessori for 10 years beginning as an assistant and working her last five years as head teacher until 2008.  

She left Providence to focus on her own business, Growing Peaceful Families, and later founded Holding Hands Montessori School in 2011.

Schuy resides in Richmond, Kentucky with her husband and loves nature, animals, gardening, horses, kayaking and archery.