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Emotional Intelligence: "Feelings" Smart

Handling children’s feelings in a healthy and helpful way can be a difficult task! Feelings seem so big when you are little. Learn some basic information about emotional development in children, and learn tools to handle your own feelings and your child’s in a way that builds self-esteem and creates connection.

Monday, May 13

10-11:30 am

Eastside Public Library

3000 Blake James Drive

Lexington, KY 40509

Positive Discipline and Gentle Guidance for Toddlers

Find out how learning about the world of two and three-year-olds and understanding their point of view can change both your worlds for the better. We will talk about child development, power struggles, and the surprising truth about misbehavior. Build your confidence in handling some of the common challenges of growing and guiding children in a way that strengthens their self-worth and builds competence.

Monday, April 15

6:30-8:00 pm

Eastside Public Library

3000 Blake James Drive

Lexington, KY 40509

Redirecting Children's Behavior Course

In Lexington:

To Be Scheduled

Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids Book Club
Currently running.

To Be Scheduled.

The Parent As Coach Approach for Parents of Teenagers
Four Week Course: The Seven Ways to Coach Your Teen in the Game of Life

To Be Scheduled

Cost: $199 per person and bring your partner for FREE


You Get Tools For:

  • A new feeling of competence as a parent
  • An empowering way to be with your teens and family members
  • New tools to use with conflict in the relationship
  • Familiarity with the skill set of professional coaching

Four-Week Course Includes:

  • The Parent As Coach Approach by Diana Sterling
  • A Personalized Binder
  • Interactive learning in a supportive group environment
  • Telephone and e-mail contact between classes
  • Opportunity to continue in individual coaching or support group


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