Workshops Available and FAQs


1.    Love and Discipline
2.    Balancing Work and Family
3.    Problem-Solving and Setting Limits
4.    Creating Cooperative Families/Classrooms
5.    Effective Parent-Child or Teacher-Child Communication
6.    Discipline That Builds Self-Esteem
7.    Handling Sibling Rivalry
8.    Terrific Toddlers
9.    "Feelings Smart" - Growing Emotional Intelligence
10.   “No I Won’t And You Can’t Make Me!”  Handling Power Struggles
11.    “That’s It, You’re Grounded!”  Parent-Teen Communication
12.    Parenting As A Team
13.    Raising A Child with God
14.    Take the Hassles Out of Homework
15.    Tame Those Tantrums
16.    Teaching Children Self-Control  
17.    Couples Communication
18.    Setting Up Your Family Team
19.    Resolving Conflicts
20.   Your Child’s Temperament
21.    Setting Up Allowances

22.   Family Service, formerly known as "Chores"


Q: Aren't parenting classes for people who have problems?

A: Parenting classes are for everyone and provide ideas, fun, and support.

Q: I am embarrassed that I am struggling and feel so alone. How can I get over that feeling?

A: At the close of most workshops and classes, the most frequent comments we get are ones of relief, "I'm not alone!" and of improved confidence, "I have some great ideas to try!"

Q: I don't see the workshop I am interested on the schedule. What can I do?

A: Check with your friends, church, school or community and see if they would like to sponsor us for a visit.